Live Green and Earn Points


  • Michelle F. 5 days ago
    I still have my encyclopedia set from the 90's and I use it. A set could be donated to the library book sale - Friends of the Library.
  • joanna l. 12 days ago
    Maybe the pages could be thought of as free art supplies. Most likely there are lots of interesting photos and illustrations in the books that can be used for paper crafts or even framed.
  • Carmen A. 12 days ago
    Carm S
    Thanks ...great information !
  • Teresa M. 23 days ago
    Locally I have not found willingness to do the things mentioned below with encyclopedias. I will not donate them to charities who have said they don't want them but that do take other books.
  • Brandy H. 1 month ago
    I recently gave two complete sets to the Union Gospel Mission resource center and they were Greatful! Another idea is to find someone that stages houses because they can use them on bookshelves.
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