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  • Hana A. 3 months ago
    Thank you for the reminder to really start clearing out our old books that haven't been touched in decades.

    Useful listing of places that can use them. Just wish s&H fees weren't needed in these heavy books!

  • tommy b. 3 months ago
  • Penny L. 5 months ago
    another possible idea is tear the pages out and recycle the paper
  • Penny L. 5 months ago
    One tine I was at the Salvation Army thrift store and they were giving a bunch of books away and some guy was there and said he was going to use them in construction in building walls,
  • Karen O. 7 months ago
    Hospitals take in used books, too.
    • Hana A. 3 months ago
      I'd never heard that, and I am often at the hospital. I'll have to ask around, as not sure how they'd use them. Thx
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