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  • Gloria R. 7 days ago
    Some people on Craigslist will pick up books they post that ther are looking for books I have already used someone doing this !
  • Janet H. 22 days ago
    Homeschooling groups like to have used school books and encyclopedias.
  • connie b. 1 month ago
    If mailing books use Media Mail. Very inexpensive to use. Takes a bit longer to get there but it does get there. I am in a reading book ad cookbook swap club and use Media Mail through US pot office often. A box of books approximately 20 lbs was less than $10.00.
  • B L. 1 month ago
    With any group that you might think wants reference books, ASK FIRST.
    Even if you see an encyclopedia set for sale, they don't want another one.
    I volunteer at my local library and we have to haul the reference books (and lots of poor condition books).
    I also help out occasionally at thrift stores.
    Some of the organizations will take them and promptly toss them [some recycle and some garbage depending on whether they have a recycler that will take them ] They take them because they don't want to discourage you from donating - if you go to another place to donate, you might not come back in the future.
    Out of a few hundred encyclopedia sets and other old reference book sets donated over two decades (most dropped off without asking and ignoring the "no encyclopedias" sign), we found a home for TWO of them.
  • j B. 2 months ago
    As a librarian speaking, please do not give old encyclopedias to schools, libraries or anywhere they would be used as a reference. Old encyclopedias are outdated and will contain misinformation. However, they make great items for recycling!
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