Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 2 days ago
  • Randy F. 2 days ago
    I have six or seven books that have been recently cancelled. Instead of going on the country's book burn pile, they might be collectable by underground history collectors.

  • Jodi H. 4 days ago
    Make junk journals or glue books out of them. Check YouTube for directions.
  • Anthony W. 1 month ago
    Hello All,

    I have been thinking I should start a movement here and maybe a 501c on this idea.
    Save the Encyclopedias

    • Deirdre D. 2 days ago
      I am all for saving and using printed books. When the power is out and you have no internet they come in handy. Not to mention regular books are good for anytime, I prefer them actually and I don't really care for ebooks. Plus looking at a computer screen constantly isn't good for your eyes and there are no pages to feel with your hands. I love the tactile feeling of books.
  • Allison R. 2 months ago
    I've just recycled an entire small book as post cards. I'm sure Recycle Bank feels some type of way about sending paper across the country as a novelty. But if you're going to do it anyway, two pages of encyclopedia grade cardstock combine nicely into a postcard. At least that's less bad than having new ones manufactured and shipped to you. The only other things encyclopedia page postcards need are stickers you probably already own, and a heartfelt message in a bold colored Sharpe marker.
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