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  • Susan M. 1 year ago
    Umm, sell them or donate them to a local little league? Old trophies and plaques make great display pieces epecially for those heavily involved in a specific sports IE horses, cars, bowling. The older the trophy the higher monetary value it has.
  • Ty G. 2 years ago
    If you only have a few trophies to recycle, you can bring them to a local thrift store (Goodwill takes trophies) or surplus store (some surplus stores actually pay you for old trophies).

    I used a chisel to pry off all the plates from my trophies (the part that says "4th place, (Event)" or whatever), then cleaned the residue with goo-gone. This way somebody will only need to buy a new plate to put on a perfectly good trophy.

    Lamb Awards charges a flat $35 fee (plus shipping) to recycle trophies, whether you have 1 or 100, even if they are already disassembled and clean.
  • Charisse Y. 2 years ago
    where can i recycle trophies in South Florida area ?
  • JoAnn M. 3 years ago
    Where can I recycle trophies in Philadelphia area
  • Marie A. 4 years ago
    Where can I recycle trophies in or around Elizabeth, NJ?
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