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  • Laurel B. 7 months ago
    There are organizations throughout the USA that will take donations of used sporting goods, uniforms, etc. to share with others who may need them. A Google search can help you find them. Here in Maryland, the Bowie Baysox partner with one to collect equipment at some of the home games...Minor League Baseball teams do a LOT for the community, so it's worth looking into that route as well.
  • Lesia O. 11 months ago
  • Sarah H. 11 months ago
    donate them
  • Bev P. 1 year ago
    Our jerseys had names on back but if they were sewed on panels they could be easily removed and used by someone else and you could move your nameplate to next jersey
  • Bev P. 1 year ago
    When my daughter played, at the end of every season a garage sale was held cuz kids grow up a d out and new ones are coming in. The facility let us use parking lot and they even sold new equipmeng in pro shop. It was equipment extensive read expensive sport . My one concern is helmets. I've read even bike helmets are less protective and should be replaced after a crash.
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