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What Can I Do with a Used Up Candle?

By Recyclebank |

When the wick has burned down, find uses for the wax!

Dear Recyclebank,

What can I do with what is left from a used up candle? So far, I have used it to lubricate an old window slide, and to lubricate a nail before driving it into hard wood.


Dear Recyclebanker,

Way to be handy! Using leftover candle wax as lubrication for home-improvement projects is a good one. Here are a few more ideas you can try.

If you have a bunch of used up candles… collect all the wax together and make a new candle. New wicks are quite cheap, or you could use old birthday candles (before using any old wick, make sure it isn’t lead-cored). Birthday candles are usually burned for just a few seconds, and if it’s the kind shaped like a number, you might not have another use for it for a while. Pour your leftover wax around the candle so that only the top of the wick is showing.

If your used up candles have bits of burnt wick or matches in them… make a homemade fire starter out of them. Mix the wax with sawdust or dryer lint and store it in an old paper egg carton. It’s a project that’s 100 percent made of waste products!

If you have just a little bit of clean candle wax… use it to wax paper. It won’t be food-grade, but you can use it to clean gardening tools or line drawers. Waxing a pretty piece of stationery will preserve it and give it a different finish.

Of course, before you use the wax, you probably need to remove it from a container. The easiest way we’ve seen is to fill up the container with boiling water, then let the wax melt and float to the top. After it cools, you’ll have an easy-to-handle chip of wax, and maybe, an empty jar to reuse!

Do you make use of your used up candles? Tell us how in the comments below!

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  • Jessica d. 5 years ago
    I use old wax by melting it down either in a sensi pot or a pan and I take flat cotton makeup remover pads or cotton balls and let them soak up the wax and then place them on a cookie drying rack to completely dry. We then take these camping or backpacking and they are excellent fire starters.
  • susanne r. 5 years ago
    When the wick burns out on my scented candles I put them on a single coffee warmer and when the base heats up it scents the whole house cheaper than the olug in scents and more use from your candles
  • Bill D. 5 years ago
    With two wood burning stoves, I use old candles melted down in a old pot, and sawdust saved from the wood I cut for fire starters . Pour wax into paper egg cartons, alternating with the sawdust ....fill carefully to the top of the carton ending with a covering of sawdust. Firm down carefully , set outside to cool.......separate individual sections if you want .
  • Cynthia L. 5 years ago
    I put leftover candle wax into a small jar and place it in the cup holder (back seat) in my car during summer. The car may be hot when get in after running errands, etc. But it sure smells good!
  • Carla K. 5 years ago
    I keep a container from a poured candle on the back of my stovetop and put pieces of wax from old candles into it. Every time I turn my oven on, it melts the wax and makes the kitchen smell wonderful even before I cook anything.
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