Live Green and Earn Points


  • ava o. 1 month ago
    well after menopause you lose estrogen, so may be its a good thing for women over 65. Instead of having to buy 100.00 cream to put estrogen back into your system. I on the other hand I use yam cream. a little safer.
  • joanna l. 2 months ago
    Check out The Environmental Working Groups Data Base for cosmetics and personal care products. The items are rated for toxicity and they do the science for you...
  • Kelley K. 3 months ago
    I avoid & check ingredients in my nail polish with every bottle I buy, no formaldehyde in my bottle anymore, but also I do not purchase or support makeup companies or brands that test on animals or use parabens, or list of other certain ingredients. Easy tip, if you see a little cartoon bunny head on your health or beauty product, that is there to tell you it is clean and free & does not test on an8mals!
  • Audrey N. 3 months ago
    I haven’t used parabens or sulfates in my hair in at least 5 years but I never really thought to look for them in skin care or makeup.
  • Kate G. 3 months ago
    Paraben free is the way to go but so hard to find products that are or that dont have a "similar paraben" under a different name . All about selling and money :(
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