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  • Lizeth L. 4 years ago
    Wow! I wondered what made them clean so good, so easily. I have been cleaning my bathtub with these without knowing the impact! I'm glad I know better now!
    • Laura L. 4 years ago
      Babyganics Scrub-a-tub is what I use now, used to love scrubbing bubbles but became allergic to the chemicals in it. Babyganics is all-natural, simple ingredients and a few sprays takes everything off with a soft reusable rag, not much scrubbing needed at all. It doesn't get simpler or cheaper than that. I can find the bottles for a few dollars at Target, amazon, or and they last forever.
  • MARIE T. 5 years ago
  • Sharon P. 5 years ago
    I hate how they dry out my skin
  • Tiffany L. 5 years ago
    these can be helpful but i don't use them except for once a twice a year for deep cleanings.
  • Karen K. 5 years ago
    They don't worknearly as well as the commercials claim. I spent an hour and a half getting crayon off a plastic bath chair, and the walls are still decorated because the process is so slow, and we use up so many of the pads trying. I fear it's going to take repainting to cover it...which brings problems of its own.
    • Laura L. 4 years ago
      Crayon is just wax and coloring, so I find the easiest way to get it off a hard surface is a dry soft cloth-an old towel is perfect b/c the loops in the fabric get it off easy with no force needed. If the crayon is on a soft surface like fabric, I've heard the best way is use an iron or steamer to heat it slightly and then press an absorbent fabric or paper on it to soak it up, but it didn't work well for me on my car seats.
    • Karen K. 4 years ago
      Both the paint and the bath chair have that 'pebbled' surface, which is why we're having so many problems.
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