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  • mary B. 4 years ago
    Only recycle what is accepted by your hauler?.That doesn't sound right.Then there goes a lot into the dump.I think I will use plain Common Sense and keep up the good work.M B
  • tommy b. 4 years ago
  • erica m. 4 years ago
    Note this is a 2015 article, so not sure if the oil prices part is current. Recyclebank may need to update.
  • Linda C. 4 years ago
    What's up with Styrofoam? It seems like wherever I've lived, Styrofoam is not collected as a recyclable.
    • Linda L. 4 years ago
      styrofoam is taken for recycling, but at few and far between places. I live near one place that takes it, but it has to have a number on the stuff or they don't want it either.. it is still worth holding onto until I can make the trip to recycle it. Wish there were more places to take styrofoam!
    • Carolyn C. 2 years ago
      Just don’t use or accept it. Ask the butcher to re-pack in butcher paper.
  • Wendy K. 4 years ago
    I use cans for bacon grease, tools, tacks, coins, paper clips even coins If they on display I wrap them in foil or gift paper Drill holes on bottom start the garden veggies
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