Live Green and Earn Points


  • Amy D. 6 months ago
    Keep paper on the bottom
  • joanna l. 1 year ago
    Our bins for recycling don't have lids, so I try to watch the weather and not put out the paper in the rain and snow...
  • June S. 1 year ago
    In the area where I live where they have recycling collection, the containers are closed so people put out their recycling bins in all kinds of weather. I don't have collection (I'd have to pay extra), so I take mine to a recycling center where there are big dumpsters that can be closed. The openings are on the sides. So yes, I recycle in the rain.
  • Audrey N. 1 year ago
    Always wondered about rain. They soak the paper in water to get stickers off so you wouldn’t think the rain would be a problem.
  • Ashabi R. 1 year ago
    On rainy or snowy trash days, I hold my recyclables until the next week.
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