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  • Gina L. 6 months ago
    I would love to know what framers, windshield makers, artists and all others do with the broken glass.
  • Cindy T. 6 months ago
    our county was recycling glass then they said it cost too much for them to recycle it.!?!?
  • Julie R. 10 months ago
    They don't take glass in my area ☹️
  • bunni r. 10 months ago
    I wonder, are glass marbles ok to put in the bin.
  • Julia P. 11 months ago
    I don't have curbside recycling, but bring my recycling to our local dump or transfer station. Here I put the glass items into a large, open, metal cargo container. When I lift the items over the side and dump them in, especially when the container is not very full, there is inevitably some breakage (either of my items or those already in the container). So I cannot imagine, given that is frequently impossible to not break the glass, that my recycling agent cares whether they are broken or not. Hopefully, the are transferred from the large container into something that breaks them into cullet for recycling. I can't imagine how else it could be processed from this method of collection.
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