Live Green and Earn Points


  • Michael C. 5 months ago
    I crush all mine. It saves space so when I do take them to the scrap yard, I don't have to make as many trips to do it. Besides, right now, they are only a nickel a pound, so I will hold on to them, until they increase in price, tremendously.
  • Seana F. 2 years ago
    I do both...some I return to a deposit required state and they don't get crushed. The ones I sell to a scrap metal place, I crush most because it saves on my storage space.
  • Perry K. 3 years ago
    I'm a crusher.
  • Rachel C. 3 years ago
    No, because they go in a mixed recycling container
  • Doris P. 3 years ago
    Our city's recycling recently changed to single-stream system, so I will no longer crush aluminum cans. Good information!
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