Live Green and Earn Points


  • Paula J. 14 days ago
    I keep my bags in my vehicle. When I unpack my groceries, I return the bags to my vehicle.
  • Mammajo K. 20 days ago
    the plastic bags are also recycled/reused by many second hand stores. they, in turn, use them for THEIR customers. instead of buying garbage can liners, use the store ones. and, then, yes, bring your reusable bags.
  • Nancy L. 20 days ago
    Place in car ahead of trip
  • Felix G R. 24 days ago
    Most of the time I use reusable bags at retail, and grocery stores, but sometime instead of buy plastic bags for garbage liners I use supermarket plastic bags, so I save a few dollars.
  • Tami M. 24 days ago
    I bring my own bags, unload them and put them right back in the car so I don't forget them.
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