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  • Randy F. 3 months ago
    Comment Regarding Above: While reusable bags are best, I believe paper bags have merit: we are now responsibly using & replenishing wood, it is recyclable, it is upcyclable, and if the bag flies onto the highway, into the ocean, or piled in a landfill it will organically breakdown or disappear Much faster and not leave football fields of plastic film for future generations to remedy.
  • Cindy W. 4 months ago
    I purchased a large box of straws that can be recycled. I also use hard plastic straws which can be cleaned and reused many times.
  • Douglas C. 4 months ago
    It took awhile, but I am now in the habit of keeping reusable bags in the trunk of my car, though there are times when I forget to take them into the store! That's when I will ask for paper bags. I find that by putting one paper bag inside the other, the double bag is quite strong and can be reused many times over. I like them better than the polypropaline reusables or plastc bags, because they "stand up" better. The doubled paper bag also works well for toting just about anything that needs toting!
  • Paula J. 4 months ago
    I keep my bags in my vehicle. When I unpack my groceries, I return the bags to my vehicle.
  • Mammajo K. 5 months ago
    the plastic bags are also recycled/reused by many second hand stores. they, in turn, use them for THEIR customers. instead of buying garbage can liners, use the store ones. and, then, yes, bring your reusable bags.
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