Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bunny P. 8 months ago
    I have boxes that I have found at thrift stores or estate sales that I use(and reuse) each year. They are pretty and if I need to cover up some writing or logo, I use cut up Christmas cards. This also decorates the box! The plain white shirt boxes I have had for years are also decorated with the beautiful Christmas cards. I like to reuse paper bags this way too ~ I find a card that will look good for each bag and tape or glue to to the front.
    • Viola V. 4 months ago
      We reuse our boxes also.Gift bags also, some wrapping paper. Thank you for the idea with the cards.
  • Barbara W. 8 months ago
    REMEMBER THIS: the current list of magazines have to be ordered by 12-31-20.
    A new list will come out for 2021, some will be the same and others will be new offers!
    ALWAYS CHECK at the bottom of the offer for current expiration date / order by date.
    I ordered 17 this year for friends/gifts
  • Javier M. 8 months ago
    I have redeemed points for magazines the last few days. Will I ever get them? (I know it takes weeks). I think I saw someone comment awhile back that they never got their subscription.
    • Barbara W. 8 months ago
      send some mags as gifts...order now and it should arrive for Valentines' day!
    • Barbara W. 8 months ago
      You are only eligible to send any "particular magazine" once a year. Check back in My Rewards ( under the person icon, on the upper right) and it will show you what you ordered and When! The key is to order "different ones" for yourself and friends.
      I have ordered most of them throughout the year, so I have to check back to be sure What /When
  • Barbara W. 8 months ago
    Drop in more than once a day , for just a moment to see if someone answered you or for additional comments. ( since we no longer get notifications)
  • Barbara W. 8 months ago
    today is 12-28-20, will this site be here on the FIRST of JAN ....I hope so!
    Keep on posting!
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