Live Green and Earn Points


  • TINA A. 3 months ago
    I save the comics that come in the Sunday paper and wrap gifts in them. Colorful, creative and often holiday themed. Then it can still be recycled after use.
  • Karen R. 6 months ago
    I Modge Podge wrapping paper onto notebooks and create journals out of them. Tissue paper can be made into Flowers for a backdrop or just to spruce your place up.
  • Lucy S. 8 months ago
    Cut wrapping paper into long strips, about 1" wide. Using scissors, carefully curl (like you would with ribbon) each strip, assemble, and voila: matching - or contrasting - bow. Here's one tutorial:
    Do an internet search for wrapping paper bows for more examples and instructions.
  • Cindy W. 8 months ago
    I start with wrapping the largest (in size) gift and work my way down. The leftover scraps from larger gifts are saved to be used for the smaller gifts. I use a gift box to store any leftover scraps for the next year.
  • Deirdre B. 8 months ago
    This year we got some Christmas flannel sheets and they were inside a drawstring bag of the same print. I used it to wrap a gift and it was perfect. I plan to use it every Christmas.
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