Live Green and Earn Points


  • m c. 3 months ago
    at least after a 3 week hiatus the site got fixed
  • Teresa M. 4 months ago
    FYI- just tried to read the 12/30 post about NOT recycling broken ornaments, but it was 404 error and when I looked no points were awarded again- 2 days in a row for me to get no points.
  • Stacy M. 4 months ago
    Happy New Year!!! Not sure if we will be here in 2022.
  • Debra B. 4 months ago
    I agree that points are pointless. Once you accumulate enough to be able to purchase anything...not much to choose from! I use for magazines for me and my husband and have gifted a few. Just don't let it bother you if points are not given. I have not learned anything new from the articles in a WAY long time, but glean something new every now and then others' THANKS!
  • John D. 4 months ago
    Points seem pointless anymore, I don't even pay attention to the points activity.
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