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  • Randolph F. 6 months ago
    I rescue the empty TP tubes from the trash to use to organize power cords and short extension cords by stuffing the coiled cord into an empty TP tube.
    If the sight of a naked TP tube offends you have your local (or borrowed) rugrat decorate them with crayons or colored markers, or wrap them with a pleasant Contact paper pattern.
  • Shwan M. 1 year ago
    You mentioned a great topics according to your article. I am totally on the opposite site of toilet paper. I don't want to be a threat of our existence anymore. But who can't yet reduce their TP uses, I have a solution for them. Try to use bamboo making toilet papers. Otherwise must try to use tube less toilet paper to reduce the waste of tubes.

  • Dianne E. 1 year ago
  • Stephanie B. 2 years ago
  • Zig G. 3 years ago
    we have a pocket pet and we put our empty tp rolls in the cage for him to shred for us. then when we clean the cage we put the shredded paper and waste in the yard to bio degrade.
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