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Is There Anything Green about the Oscars?

By Recyclebank |

Many celebrities support environmental causes, and the green ethos extends to the year’s biggest film fete.

Dear Recyclebank,

Is there anything green about the 2014 Academy Awards?

-Krista M., Dayton, OH


Dear Krista,

Honestly, the Academy Awards is a resource-intensive event. Transportation, lighting, sound, food, and so much more goes into making the show a glamorous affair. On the positive side, the organizers have taken measures to diminish the negative environmental impact. The show producers have partnered with the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) since 2007 to implement green measures. For example, last year’s red carpet was made from 100 percent recycled material, was reused from the 2011 show, and will be reused for this year’s show. About 70 percent of the waste produced was recycled or reused, and many of the paper products used were FSC-certified and manufactured from recycled material.

Additionally, many celebrities are outspoken activists who bring awareness to environmental causes and organizations. Or they outright finance environmental activism by donating money or endowing foundations. For example, in timing undoubtedly planned to capitalize on Oscar buzz, NRDC trustee Leonardo DiCaprio granted $3 million to Oceana, an international organization dedicated to ocean conservation. Robert Redford, another 2014 Oscar nominee and fellow NRDC trustee, has been vocal about stopping environmentally destructive mining. If you support an award-winning star, you could consider supporting their environmental causes too.


Natural Resources Defense Council


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