Live Green and Earn Points


  • Barbara W. 1 month ago
    I thought maybe the yellow pages went out of style with cell phones and all. We do not automatically get phone books any more/ you have to ask /order them.. or is tht the yellow pages?
  • Gina L. 1 month ago
    The yellow pages always made for a good booster seat.
    • Susan S. 16 days ago
      So true! I’m 5’2” and used to use the the big fat yellow pages from a large city to sit on when driving one of our cars or pickups years ago. I finally bought a seat cushion a few years ago which boosted me up in the driver’s seat and recycled the yellow pages. Last week I was riding in a car with a neighbor lady who is short like me, and we both laughed about being short and doing the same thing.
  • Cindy W. 2 months ago and
  • Javier M. 2 months ago
    Happy October! I love telephone books because I tear them apart to show off my strength!
  • C S. 2 months ago
    I would rather gave the printed white and yellow pages even if old. Not everyone has internet and finding what you want is almost impossible on the internet and pretty much useless. All this "green" is nonsense you can be responsible with printed phone books thankfully we still get them and i wouldn't change it.
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