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  • Katja Z. 1 month ago
    We got a Yellow Pages in the mail last week.
    It was about a quarter of an inch thick.
    Maybe the thickness of a magazine.
    I briefly looked through it but I ended up tossing it in the recycling cart.
  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    I thought maybe the yellow pages went out of style with cell phones and all. We do not automatically get phone books any more/ you have to ask /order them.. or is tht the yellow pages?
  • Gina L. 7 months ago
    The yellow pages always made for a good booster seat.
    • Susan S. 5 months ago
      So true! I’m 5’2” and used to use the the big fat yellow pages from a large city to sit on when driving one of our cars or pickups years ago. I finally bought a seat cushion a few years ago which boosted me up in the driver’s seat and recycled the yellow pages. Last week I was riding in a car with a neighbor lady who is short like me, and we both laughed about being short and doing the same thing.
  • Cindy W. 7 months ago and
  • Javier M. 7 months ago
    Happy October! I love telephone books because I tear them apart to show off my strength!
    • Gina L. 7 months ago
      Finally, I have met Superman.
    • Twyila T. 5 months ago
      I Love your comments on things!! Especially the funny ones! The attitude of the people that are on here is Much Nicer then SOME OTHER Sites I’ve seen!!! I Enjoy the articles & even reread most of them. It took me awhile to get to ALL The articles on here when I First joined!! But, I Really Enjoyed most all of the information that I came across!!:-) OF COURSE I Enjoyed All the Points I was receiving. I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE Just HOW MANY points SOME of y’all have!!!!!! I was So Excited when I got enough to order my First Magazine!!!!! Now I’m SAVING UP AGAIN To get a Subscription to People ((it’s Expensive in Money AND POINTS!!)). I hope y’all ALL have a Very Merry, Relaxing Holiday season!! :-)
    • Javier M. 5 months ago
      I was also shocked when I recently looked at the prices of magazines in a grocery store. Whoa.
    • Twyila T. 5 months ago
      Javier, If you don’t need/want magazines for your self????…..
      I bet that some people you know Would LOVE a Subscription to a couple for Christmas!! It Would be a Gift that they could Enjoy All Year! PLUS Save you some Money!:-)
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