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  • Dee R. 7 months ago
    We would take quite a few of the Christmas trees and take them to the lake and sink them. They provide a home for the fish; then you know where to go fishing in the future for sure catches.
  • Doris W. 1 year ago
    Dating to way, way back in 1960, my dad ALWAYS bought our Christmas trees from the local nursery, and planted them after the holidays... he was the ORIGINAL "recycler"... today, since I don't have my dad's green thumb, I have an artificial tree that I've been using since the 1980's.
    • Doris W. 1 year ago
      To this day, I can't understand why ANYONE would buy a dead tree for Christmas!!!!!! If you don't have a yard to plant it in, just buy a very lifelike fake tree that you can use year after year!
    • Doris W. 1 year ago
      ... and, if you're totally into the "pine scent" of the season, you can either cut a few boughs off a pine tree for decorations (leaving the tree unharmed) or go to your local store and buy some pine-scented air freshener...
  • Laura L. 1 year ago
    I think the good thing about using the yard waste and christmas trees for mulch is that it replaces the need for turning virgin trees into mulch. But I have seen friends cut the tree trunks into chunks about 18-24 inches high and use them for stools or tables around a fire pit outside or just anywhere in the back yard, it's great for kids to sit and play on.
  • Sharon S. 1 year ago
    The City of Phoenix has collection sights where you can take your tree and it is ground up for mulch that they use in the parks. Our family and my son take our trees there every year.
  • Vicki R. 1 year ago
    my local home depot takes all christmas trees to mulch for parks. no wastes. also, they give away tree saplings.
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