Live Green and Earn Points


  • C S. 7 days ago
    I've been asking and get no response too. The points are useless the rewards are pretty much useless. You don't get answers. Where is Persistent pledger, where are the quizzes. Only thing to earn points on is the 5 points and I can't even use them. Guess I'm not the only one asking questions and getting nothing it's been months.
    • Jean J. 3 days ago
      i ordered a magazine that i never received i keep asking to restore my points or send the magazine, no response either
    • C S. 2 days ago
      Me too. I ask and get no response. Something is going on with this co and we may never know. Wish I could tell you something.
  • Javier M. 17 days ago
    So....Is Glossy Paper Recyclable?
  • Ethan H. 1 month ago
    That’s crazy didnt even think about this!
  • Pattianne v. 1 month ago
    why are there no more quizzes etc. Think this site is almost over-sadly
  • Steven S. 1 month ago
    What ever happened to the "Persistent Pledger" award on Recyclebank? I've pledged probably 15 days straight and no award or points for doing so.
    • Nicole N. 1 month ago
      I reached out to Recyclebank late Friday night. Hopefully I'll hear something by Monday or so. I am getting the 5 points to daily pledge but no award for doing so for 5 straight days. Hence...."Persistent Pledger".
    • Lori L. 1 month ago
      I also sent them a message on Facebook and they told me they were looking into the problem. That was over a week ago. Sent another message about it AGAIN and nothing. This site is becoming a waste of time. I have over 30,000 points and can't even get anything with them.
    • VICKI V. 21 days ago
      I have asked them the same thing. And also the points have become useless too. Do not know how much longer I am going to waste my time, on this. I will always recycle but this site just isn't what it used to be. At least before you could use your point to enter a sweepstakes for e-gift card but not any more
    • C S. 7 days ago
      I thought I had a lot of points only over 10 thousand and can't really use them I think this co is going down hill.
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