Live Green and Earn Points


  • Donna P. 1 month ago
    Super cool ideas here helps us to take care of the earth so our grandchildren will have a place to live
  • Angelica R. 1 month ago
    Instead of cling wrap I just save my food in reusable containers
  • Bonnie W. 6 months ago
    The shower caps that hotels give out make wonderful covers for bowls. They can be used many times before hitting the trash. Also, using the inserts from cereal or cracker boxes have many, many uses.
  • Jeshanah Z. 8 months ago
    Perhaps cling wrap can't be heated to be recycled... but can we find another use for it? Perhaps cut it into thin strips and weave it into rope? It's pretty clingy and I have a feeling this may work. I should try it...
  • tommy b. 10 months ago
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