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  • Debra T. 4 months ago
    I despise cling wrap, it either clings to everything you dont want it to...including itself. Or it does not cling to the container. I use plastic containers with lids....most of them previously containers from food that I have purchased at the grocery store. Like cool whip, butter, sour cream, etc. All of them come in plastic containers with lids. I wash them, and use them for leftovers etc. When the cabinet starts to overflow, I place a few in the recycle bin. I honestly cant remember the last time I used plastic wrap.
  • tommy b. 4 months ago
  • bunni r. 4 months ago
    I do not use a lot of cling wrap, but I have found it hard to use less. To tightly wrap items for freezing, it is hard to beat.
  • Donna P. 7 months ago
    Super cool ideas here helps us to take care of the earth so our grandchildren will have a place to live
  • Angelica R. 7 months ago
    Instead of cling wrap I just save my food in reusable containers
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