Live Green and Earn Points


  • Ruth B. 13 days ago
    First, I keep as much as I can store for future use. I also use it to line outside gardening containers to prevent damage that occurs during the winter.
  • Marilu K. 7 months ago
    It is a great insulator to place behind blinds on your windows.
  • Ruthanne N. 7 months ago
    I trust to store breakables at home and also donate to your llocal thrift shop
  • Karen V. 8 months ago
    I was unaware that bubble wrap is not recyclable curbside! I don't put a lot out there however as it is useful for wrapping upbreakables stored in our garage and it is easy to give away on the neighborhood FB page since someone is always moving, helping someone else move or shipping stuff somewhere cross country. I think reuse is a good rule of thumb so when I am unwrapping things shipped in bubble wrap I take care to keep it as intact as possible. I also save and give away styrofoam peanuts for the same reason.
  • Karen K. 10 months ago
    If you have friends who are moving, pass it all along. They'll appreciate it.
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