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  • Barbara W. 4 months ago
    I re-use foil to cover things, sometimes cut to a smaller size until no longer usable.
    I remember mom being careful not to cut a size too big, no wasting in our house!
  • RANDY F. 4 months ago

    After the pans are useful for food, they can be upcycled for store bought fire pit liners.
    The manufacturers always say their products are indestructible but countless reviews on countless models claim otherwise. So a few handfulls of sand at the bottom of the metal pit and one or two used baking pans help distribute the heat further and absorb some of the stress from the fire poker. That area is known to rust and crumble away over time. If you like your pits crazy clean, you can just lift the pan liner out easily to disperse the ashes elsewhere.

    Since people are burning fires anyway, they might as well be as Earth Conscience as possible.

    >>"Do you recycle your aluminum foil, or have you found other uses for it? Share your tips in the comments below"<<
    • RANDY F. 4 months ago
    • Gina G. 4 months ago
    • RANDY F. 4 months ago
      Regarding Pans or ^ the campfire above ?
      >> "Huh????" <<
  • Barbara W. 10 months ago
    Those larger size aluminum baking pans are well worth cleaning and using again.
  • Laurel B. 10 months ago
    If you have a manual can opener, you can run foil through the gears a couple times and it helps de-gunk them.
  • Lija W. 1 year ago
    The link in the following line is broken. 404
    You can even buy aluminum foil that is made of recycled aluminum.
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