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  • tommy b. 4 months ago
  • Tom H. 4 months ago
    And what's the cost to the environment of all the fuel needed to transport those containers as well as the energy used for whatever is done with them there? Pretty high, I suppose. Considering many materials do more harm than good by recycling them JUST with the energy needed for recycling, adding transportation costs will just make it worse.
  • Audrey N. 7 months ago
    I looked into the mail in program and it’s quite expensive if your a single person trying to recycle stuff. Plus you have to store all the recyclables in your house (if you live in an apartment like me) and that’s just not fesable when I’m already tight on space and money.
  • Jeff B. 7 months ago
    I love this site very motivational to recycle
  • tommy b. 7 months ago
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