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  • Randy F. 1 hour ago
    I suppose as a last-ditch effort, two tattered, holey bags can be layered to keep your stuff in. Even if it's just for kindling wood or gathering weeds. You won't mind them getting all grungy.

    <<Do you have creative ways to repurpose your worn-down reusable bags? Share them in the comments below.>>
    • Gina G. 50 minutes ago
      When your bags get so old they become rag bags I use them to collect rags. They are great to hold cloth rags before a needed wash for dust/garbage cleaning messy cloths. You can throw the bags into the wash with the rags. Just keep using them for the same reason over and over again. A recycle plus.
  • Delora M. 2 hours ago
    I e reused my bags to carry my granddaughters clothes and toys back and forth from their moms house to my house when they visit. It’s fast and quick to grab and go.
  • Susan L. 1 month ago
    I keep my reusable bags in my car for bringing in groceries. I also use them as a tote bag when I go to Farmers Markets. Have a friend that stitched old bags together to make a mat for her little dog to lay on, when she goes on a walk.
  • Donna D. 1 month ago
    My stores are still not allowing reusable bags to be put on the counter/belt. You need to have your groceries rung up (or scanned at self checkout) and then put them in your reusable bags yourself. Some stores won't even allow reusable bags yet in their stores. You have to bag in the parking lot at your car.
    • Barbara B. 1 month ago
      Bag in the parking lot, now that's bad!
      Here at Aldi, they scan and put in a different shopping cart. We pay and take the cart to a near by LONG counter and bag as we like.
  • Delora M. 1 month ago
    I clean mine and reuse them for my grandkids to carry their toys or clothes back and forth to the mom and dads house. They use them also for holding favorite books
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