Live Green and Earn Points


  • joanna l. 2 years ago
    My grandmother had a"grilling pan" for her stove. It had heat vents on the bottom and a big domed lid to keep in the heat. She used it mostly for peppers.
  • Rhonda O. 4 years ago
    I have 3 mesquite trees. We haven't bought charcoal for years.
  • Matthew L. 4 years ago
    I don't buy the "food-contaminated foil, which cannot be recycled" claim. It's all going into a furnace, so surely trace amounts of food won't matter?
  • Christine G. 4 years ago
    Because I only cook over maple that comes from pruning my 2 trees or fallen branches I place the ashes in my compost bin when completely cool. It adds lime and potassium.
  • Laura L. 4 years ago
    I've read that grilled food causes carcinogenic elements in the part of the food that gets blackened, regardless of the method of heat-gas or charcoal. So I think it's something that should be done very sparingly or not at all. This article tells about that in an easy to understand way
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