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  • Barbara W. 7 months ago
    I did Not know that those bricketts could be a human health risk. I will pass this info on!
  • Kelly R. 7 months ago
    Propane gas. When we use our fire pit or fireplace, I use the ashes in my garden.
  • Marge S. 8 months ago
    I like to use firewood for grilling.
    I save dryer lint for fire starters. There are two ways I use it - either directly or else I make fire starters by cutting apart the cups of an egg carton, filling each with dryer lint and then melting old candle scraps to hold it in place. The fire starter option works best if you have damp fireword.
  • Jean P. 8 months ago
    I use vegetable oil to start my wood fires. Works perfect
  • Faye L. 8 months ago
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