Live Green and Earn Points


  • wayne w. 5 years ago
    Returning the pills to the pharmacy for disposal soon.
  • Cher M. 5 years ago
    Our police dept has a kiosk right inside the door for prescription & non prescription meds
  • Claudia L. 5 years ago
    Please DO NOT FLUSH. They are contaminating water supply. Mix them with used (wet) coffee grounds and put them in the trash. If you have a cat litter box, mix them with used cat litter and put them in the trash.
  • Carolyn B. 5 years ago
    Our local police departments have a box in their lobby where unwanted meds can be put for disposal. And, yearly, the fire department has a recycle day!! #5 pill containers can be recycled at a local Whole Foods market.
  • tommy b. 5 years ago
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