Live Green and Earn Points


  • emily h. 2 months ago
    You can recycle blister packs empty of contacts and liquids through the bausch and lomb recycling program. They will send you a free shipping label. Fill a box and send the foil and plastic bits in. We do that at our private practice so you may even call around and find a local eye Dr who will take them.
  • Karen K. 4 months ago
    If your vision problems are from cataracts (as mine was,) your health insurance may well cover everything. Vanity surgery, on the other hand, is always expensive. Wear glasses. They can be recycled through the Lions Club, among other places. I'd bet your local optomitrist would take them.
  • Bill M. 5 months ago
    Glasses from dollar store !
  • Marianne K. 5 months ago
    does packing tape need to be removed from cardboard boxes? I remove it .
  • K H. 5 months ago
    Our local Children's Museum takes some the hard-to-recycle bits, like plastic bottle tops and other odd bits, and uses them in the children's art center. I have sent the plastic part of the contact lens container there. I have seen them turned into 'blades' for a pinwheel and used as the flat bit to catch the wind on a wind chime.
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