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  • Ruth P. 4 years ago
  • Lucy A. 4 years ago
    I think Amazon needs to revamp their packing products. Sometimes you get a tiny thing and the box is 20 times the size. Usually all of it is recyclable but I think why even use it in the first place!!!
    • Karen K. 4 years ago
      I think Amazon is over-rated. They never include instruction for anything, and I have gotten 7 different shipments when ordering 7 things at once. ANd they like the bubble-wrap fused packaging a lot.
  • Mildred W. 4 years ago
    I don't know if you consider Omaha Steak but I've ordered from them. You can reuse the cooler etc
    • Steven S. 3 years ago
      I have. Their product is high quality and the high-quality cooler is reusable.
    • Gina G. 3 years ago
      I have shared this in other blogs... Use those coolers for planting. You plant sideways and can use the lids when the temperatures dips. You can stack them into igloo shapes or a multiple of fun designs.
  • Brianne R. 4 years ago
    I've tried ipsy and birchbox... ipsy is definitely better about less waste. Everything is sent in one insulated envelope. For birchbox, it's like you're opening box upon box upon box to get at the actual product.
  • Deborah W. 4 years ago
    Concerning Recycle Trucks on Trash Day, those trucks are not all that clean or smell all that great, does anyone know how all the recyclables are handled once dumped somewhere? Does somebody sort? How is this process accomplished after pick-up? Really curious.
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