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  • Linda B. 1 year ago
    When I bought a new mattress, the furniture store took my old mattress. They do the recycling. So, when buying a mattress, ask if mattress recycling is included.
  • Marilu K. 1 year ago
    We donated mattresses to our nearby homeless organization and all were immediately used by families in need. We keep them clean with extra covers and layers and have a mattress vacuum that we use regularly to keep down dust and mite levels. So far, our current mattress is still quite comfortable...
  • Nancy C. 1 year ago
    I bought a twin to replace my 30+ queen mattress 5 years ago. I double-wrapped the latter and tied it to a tree near the road in my rural suburban location and put a huge free sign on it. Eventually I found it had been taken. This year in June I started sleeping on the floor since it was the best position for nerve damage I had sustained in my neck, arm and shoulder. That was 4 months ago and still every night since when I choose bed or floor , the latter prevails even though my injury has healed...or perhaps BECAUSE it has healed. (sleeping on medium pile carpet padded underneath - I lay a bed sheet over that, use a pillow for my head and under my knees if on my back; On my side I fold the pillow in half and use the other pillow between my knees) It works!!
  • Trish H. 1 year ago
    We now have a Sleep Number, parts can be recycled or reused but is still like new at 12 years and we bought it new. Previously we had a Soma type for 15 years, the tubes are replaceable and recycled when we were done w/ them. We kept the tube enclosure and filled it with foam from the fabric shop topped w/ worn out pillows. I'd say I'm getting my use out of them. Another bonus to this type is they are cleanable and don't need rotating and so far have not worn out, also easy to move. 30+ years and not a need for more mattresses. Friends had a very nice air mattress for 10 years, recycled their guest version but still sleep on it w/ a topper. When the topper wears out it becomes a pet bed. People starting life over from nothing can always use them. Veterans homes is another place to try. Growing up we donated them to the Salvation Army.
  • Kim L. 1 year ago
    We donate our furniture whenever it is time to replace something. Not only does it keep it out of landfills, but it also helps someone in need. It's a win-win situation!
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