Live Green and Earn Points


  • Brenda R. 1 month ago
    They need to bring back the Recycle Points.
  • Silvia J. 2 months ago
    I use Guard Your Id stamps to block out sensitive information prior to sending my paper to the recycling center. I typically shop for them on View your Deals and GMA deals for special 50% off promos on these stamps.
  • Tina P. 2 months ago
  • Mary M. 2 months ago
    We have bins at work for the newspaper
  • Rama B. 2 months ago
    Our local schools have huge dumpster type bins for recycling newspapers, magazines and shredded paper. I stuff a brown paper bag with all my shredded paper. I'd much rather save my papers for the schools than put them out to be recycled on garbage day.
    • Laurel L. 2 months ago
      We have one of these at my 8 year old's school. I love being able to grab all the scrap paper and shredder scraps from work (and home) to help the school. I normally put mine in a brown paper bag as well, but the company we use let us know we can also put it in plastic trash bags as long as we mark it "shredded paper" somewhere on the outside, to make it easier for their sorters at the facility.
    • Dennis D. 1 month ago
      Our local animal shelter is thrilled wen I bring bags of shredded office paper. They use it as bedding in the critter cafes.
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