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  • Norma W. 4 months ago
    I use shredded paper for starting fires in my fireplace. And than I use the ashes for my garden and flower bed.
  • John D. 11 months ago
    Some folks here would love to have lots of the stuff right now. Burn baby burn.
  • Laurel B. 11 months ago
    See if there is a Paper Retriever recycling dumpster near you, usually in church and/or school parking lots. They take shredded paper, as long as you bag it up and label the bag as "shredded paper", and the organization makes money off of it as well. Everyone (and the earth) is a winner!
  • Javier M. 11 months ago
    I would like to shred this Texas weather to little tiny bits!
    • RANDY R. 11 months ago
      Pennsylvania Too! It's been, like 14° - 35° for weeks and weeks and the 0°s are coming next. Too much cold. The past years have been muddy, ugly, but warm. Now every day is a cold White snowy day. It's putting the ' Pitts ' in Pittsburgh.
    • Barbara B. 11 months ago
      Oklahoma has been getting it bad with BELOW Zero temps. We have been colder than Alaska. Our pipes are only buried 18" to 24" and not able to handle this weather. Power grids here are having problems and having to use intermittent outages. Burst water pipes everywhere! The plumbers are rubbing their hands together, and just wait till it all thaws.
    • Barbara B. 11 months ago
      Driving on ICE is difficult, especially if you not use to it.
      I saw the pics from Texas, I feel for your guys.
  • Lois S. 11 months ago
    Shredded paper goes into my compost bin.
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