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  • K G. 2 years ago
    I get leftover bags of these silicone wristbands every now and then at work.. To add a couple of ideas to the great ones here, this is what I use them for:
    1. Wrap them around coiled extension cords, or Christmas light strings to keep them from tangling. (Works great for short appliance cords too, like the iron, hair dryer, space heater cord, etc—but only when you’re not using it!)
    2. For those who have a lot of cargo type ratchet straps, coil the strap around itself and these bands keep them ready to use quickly and not tangled with each other.
    3. Wrap around pipe/bar/wood poles as a handgrip replacement. I’ve increased grip on a wooden bat handle by sliding several double-looped bands over the 8 inches of grip area.
    4. Temporary outdoor trellis—as I assembled the wood into a grid, I slid these bands into place and worked the next dowel through to make a joint. They’re nearly weatherproof and silicone bands will last a very long time in the sun.
    5. Slipped several around a standard brick for a super quick temporary doorstop that protected the floor and the door from brick scratches.
    Basically I use these anywhere I would want a heavy duty rubberband.. Anyone else thinking of a giant rubberband shooter? :)
  • Cindy W. 2 years ago
    I let my granddaughter have them to play dress up. She loves the different colors. If you want you could glue beads on it.
  • Elaine D. 3 years ago
    Preschoolers love wristbands - I use them as reinforcements for positive behavior!
  • the g. 3 years ago
    america needs to step up it's recycling efforts. with agent orange in the white house it's going to be more of a challenge.
  • Alexis M. 3 years ago
    We use them to keep our skis together at the tips and tails when traveling.
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