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  • Susan M. 14 days ago
    Metro Nashville has two special drop off locations for electronics, appliances, and other "debris". Maybe check your local gov't agencies and see if you have a drop off location.
  • Cindy W. 14 days ago
    When we remodeled our kitchen, we used the old cabinets some of the appliances, including the microwave for down in our basement to make a kitchen for canning, candle making, and other messy projects. When not in use they are unplugged.
  • Barbara W. 14 days ago
    It's too HOT to cook on the stove or oven, the microwave will do fine!
  • Barbara W. 17 days ago
    Looks like fixing a microwave is not going to happen. I tried going without a microwave for almost 6months, I REALLY missed it. Bought another and am happier.
  • Javier M. 17 days ago
    I know it does not technically count as recycling - but in my neighborhood people leave them curbside and they disappear. (I would include a Doug Henning gif here if I could.)
    • Barbara W. 17 days ago
      That is the way all my microwaves have been disposed of....the curb! One Co told me to cut off the very end of the cord, so no one else would attempt to use it. Others pick them up to sell to junk/parts dealers.
      Oh my last one did go to the electrician who was re-wiring my house,
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