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  • JR S. 6 days ago
    FYI: Best Buy does NOT recycle microwave ovens at the store level. They claim to be a recycler because they will direct you to a recycling center only 125 miles away. Consider this when making your selection for an electronics retailer.
  • tommy b. 3 months ago
  • Penny H. 3 months ago
    You can sometimes find replacement parts at garage sales or online for a fraction of the manufacturer's replacement price. A removable plastic part had broken on a blender and I found the same blender at a garage sale with a different broken part so the cost was only 50 cents for the whole blender. I used the part I needed and stored the rest as back up. I now have a spare glass jar for the blender as well as a blender that is now like new.
  • Cindy W. 3 months ago
    When we updated our old kitchen, we used many of the old cabinets and appliances downstairs in our basement and made a mini kitchen. The old microwave still worked so it is now downstairs. It has been very handy during the summer months to use the kitchen in the basement to avoid heating up the upstairs kitchen. It also is handy for doing big projects like canning. Arts and craft projects like candle making are left for the downstairs kitchen.
  • Courtney J. 5 months ago
    If it's worth it to you, there are ways to "up-cycle" a microwave. We used an old Bella microwave and fixed it up, and now it's a toy crate for our kids! There's surely some examples on google that can inspire you.
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