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  • Susan S. 5 months ago
    We’ve donated gently used good quality mattresses over the years to family and friends, and last year we donated one that was only a year old to a family in our son-in-law’s church. We’ve also paid to take some old mattresses to the dump as that was the only option available for a fee. I know some cities have a free Big Dump Day to dispose of old mattresses and other bulky items that fit in the back of a pickup by showing a utility bill. That’s how we disposed of a 60-year-old mattress that belonged to my mom and dad after my mom passed away 6 years ago.
  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    10-24-2021 I am back for now , I am almost afraid to sign out for fear of not being able to sign back in!
  • Francisco S. 7 months ago
    I take them to a donation shelter
  • Lois S. 7 months ago
    Our local Vincent St Paul takes our unwanted mattresses. Also on the Next Door neighborhood website people will request a need for unwanted mattresses and there are always many people who respond to fill the need. Neighbor helping neighbor. Love that.
  • PC M. 7 months ago
    Even our local "Good Will" won't take bedding as it can be gross. We call our resident WM and they send out a separate truck to pick up mattresses. IDK what they do after the fact.
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