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  • Susie C. 5 months ago
    My acid-loving azaleas love coffee grounds, but mix it in with the soil to prevent mold. Ditto for my tomatoes in the veggie garden. I save the K-cups and once a week cut them open to get the grounds out. I mix in any crushed eggshells I might have for a super-yummy plant treat.
  • Joanne S. 3 years ago
    I have added soil to my k-cups and started seedlings in them. It has been successful so far. I have about 18 plants ready to transplant into bigger pots now.
  • James R. 4 years ago
    I am sure I've read that blueberries thrive in acidic conditions so has anyone added coffee grounds around blueberry bushes? And if so what results did you get?
  • Ruth C. 4 years ago
    I add coffee grounds to my indoor plants and it seems to work well. I have never had mold inside. I mix it well with potting soil, worm castings and compost when I first pot the plant, when adding it later I only use a couple table spoons at a time and mix it in with a garden "fork".
  • Sue C. 5 years ago
    This is good to know that coffee grounds can be beneficial to plants that thrive on acidic soil as well as being able to be added to a compost pile. Another great way to reduce waste. thank you.
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