Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gina L. 3 days ago
    Don't send your kids out with snacks in bags or bottles. They may be having too much fun to dump the waste.
  • Patricia G. 3 months ago
    Kids learn by seeing you do it.
  • Chris G. 3 months ago
    My daughter and grand kids have been to Germany and see the importance of recycling. Everybody does it. They even lock their trash cans because they get fined if the wrong items are in the wrong bins.
    • Barbara B. 3 days ago
      Do you think the US will ever catch up with other countries on recycling? p US people can't even get together to wear a mask for the good of ALL!
    • Randy R. 3 days ago
      If they get someone to motivate who publicity puts down the then-current president, loves satanism, drugs, talking about non-love-sex, or hating cops, yes, they can probably use that hate to catch up to other countries.
    • Randy R. 3 days ago
      Those people tended to do quite well with that shtick for the past 70 Years.
    • Chris G. 2 days ago
      I doubt the US will ever catch up with Europe. Europe doesn't have room for the trash so they have to recycle it. You get fined if you put incorrect items in your trash cans (yes somebody has that job to look into people's trash cans) so a lot of apartment buildings lock their trash cans so that people walking down the street can't put items in their trash cans. My daughter was amazed the first time she saw it.
  • tommy b. 5 months ago
  • tommy b. 6 months ago
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