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  • tommy b. 1 month ago
  • tommy b. 2 months ago
  • Randy F. 2 months ago
    Half Answer: Take child past Large Box Store with transit & foot traffic nearby and they should see a recyclable graveyard with wispy plastic bag ghosts flitting about in the breeze! The second half uses your creativity in discussion about the scary sights outside; how they're getting larger ~ Deadlier.
    Mention how the animals, fresh water, and drain pipes are affected.
    Make it age appropriate (√:
  • Debra B. 3 months ago
    Our recycle company states that it has to be placed in a see through plastic container and set next to recycling on weekly pickup. I guess that way they can see it is oil and not paint maybe. Anyway, he doesn't take it in, so even better.
  • Debra B. 3 months ago
    Come on , everyone knows that children learn by watching what adults do , from the time they are born. Practice what you preach. Recycle all that you can after reusing, reducing, etc. We recycle plastic, paper, and cardboard in one container, and glass in another. When my husband changes the oil in his truck, the used oil goes into a rinsed out gallon milk jug, and is also recycled! I am so blessed in live in Oregon where we recycle, where bottle returns are charged and therefore returned. We also have no plastic bags given out at grocery stores as of January 1st, 2020. We taught our 2 children, and now our grandchildren, to leave things cleaner than you found them. This includes camping, hiking, walking on the beach, and every day at home. Teach recycling just as you would brushing your teeth, singing the ABC's, etc. just a every day basic part of life. This way it becomes a good habit, and we could all use more of those. Happy New Year to all!
    • John J. 3 months ago
      Not a big deal but I put the used oil back in containers they came in or other containers that contained chemicals such that the containers can't be recycled (i.e. chemical leaching). A milk jug can be recycled but not after it has oil in it, plus that kind of plastic is kinda wimpy and the ol' may seep through with enough time (I suspect he takes the oil in for recycling well before that could happen).
    • Christine C. 1 month ago
      We have a gas station in town that takes used oil and used it to heat the place during the winter. However, they don’t want the containers. Best bet, instead of small bottles of oil, buy large, less impact
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