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  • Tamara S. 2 years ago
    Mental health professionals, in general, and art therapists, in particular, are often on the hunt for donated magazines. Just pick up the phone or email the ones in your own community.

    Also, if you use the community app Next Door - - you can post that you have magazines to donate and you may well find a neighbor in need of them.
  • Zoya T. 2 years ago
    I leave them in staff lounge at work
  • Bonnie R. 3 years ago
    When I get free magazine subscriptions, I send them to assisted living facilities where those that aren't read by the residents, staff like, or they end up in craft projects, the facilities libraries, and passed along. Seniors love to get mail that isn't bill, and sometimes there are samples in them they enjoy.
  • Kenneth W. 3 years ago
    Peace & love the environment
  • Cindy W. 3 years ago
    I remember a man ordering a magazine subscribtion and using the public library as its address. (He asked the library first) He then would go to the library and read the magazine there instead of his home. His wife didn't like the clutter magazines make at home. It was a great donation to the library as well as it also gave other people the opportunity to read the magazine.
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