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  • ALEX R. 1 year ago
    A lot of nights when I was a kid we would have an omelet for dinner (frittata) made with onions, potato or spinach. Served hot on italian bread, it was soo good.
  • Joy H. 3 years ago
    Good to know about the baked beans. My Irish mother inlaw taught me to make beans on toast, a real tasty treat. She also taught me I didn't have to add meat to spaghetti sauce, and I truly don't miss it.
  • Deborah W. 3 years ago
    Vegetables, beans, cheese, soy are great alternatives. The size of a deck of cards is the portion of meat one is supposed to eat with a meal.
  • Julia P. 3 years ago
    A group of friends meet once a month to share a (potluck) vegan meal. Originally, our group was only those who wanted to eat more vegan, but we also ended up inviting other friends who were not interested in being vegan. However, everyone loved the food. If you know foodies and good cooks, banding together to try cooking vegan is a fun challenge (to some) and encouragement to all, as well as being social.
  • ALEX R. 3 years ago
    Hi everyone, does anyone have any recommendations for Vegan catfood - both the "wet" and "dry" varieties?
    • Julia P. 3 years ago
      (A little off topic of your question:)I tried some years ago to give my cat vegan food. (I don't think the brand is around anymore.) She ate the dry food without complaint but would not touch the wet. Cats are true carnivores so be very mindful if you're trying to feed it a vegan diet. I don't eat meat or fish, but do give it to my cats (one is 17 y.o.). I would suggest you could feed cats vegan dry food, like Wysong, but give them wet meat or fish food for optimum health. Dogs can eat vegan as they are omnivores like us.
    • D D. 2 years ago
      Cats are obligate carnivores. There must be some meat in their diet. Cats on truly vegan diets will get sick and die. Always check with your vet first.
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