Live Green and Earn Points


  • Monica U. 4 months ago
    Also reach out to those companies who do use recyclable packaging and thank them for using it. It is always ice to know you are appreciated.
  • Carol A. 6 months ago
    Lots of pellet stove users here in Ohio. I love mine. I use the bags for trash can liners. They last into summer.
  • Audrey N. 6 months ago
    I live in Michigan and still have never seen or herd of anyone using a wood pellet stove.
  • Susan Z. 10 months ago
    Why would I want to used bags as liners in my garden, They'll break down in to crumbs but not decompose and add nasty chemicals to my ground which eventually will leached into the ground water.
  • Steven C. 10 months ago
    Reuse them as trash can liners...…?
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