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  • Barbara W. 19 days ago
    In the Daily Pledge, it talks about using plastic bags in the garden as Frost Covers. That correct BUT to hear it when it is Hot summertime. wooo we had a Heat Index of 105 yeaterday!
    • Randy R. 19 days ago
      . . . add some water, cover and you'll have some nice steamed / wilted veggies in no time!
      I have heard of "Farm To Table" but cooking in directly in the garden may be just too convenient. . . but that would save heating fuel to cook with (if you were growing veggies). Garden to Garden.
    • Steven S. 19 days ago
      I feel like this website is dead. I don't know what kind of direction they want to go in. Keep repeating the same old articles at odd times.
    • Barbara W. 18 days ago
      I had to water my poor cactus plant, that's how hot it is here in Oklahoma. So does anyone else have a its sooo hot that___________________ story?
    • Barbara W. 18 days ago
      think I'll steam mine on the stove!
    • Barbara W. 18 days ago
      Yes or a 404 not found!
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  • Rebecca R. 2 months ago
    P.s.....I will take any I can get from anyone.
  • Rebecca R. 2 months ago
    I save all my bags. We use the wood pellets as cat litter and also bedding for a gunea pig. I used the empty bags to bag up the dirty cat litter. i seal the bags for the garbage using regular old duct tape
  • Chris G. 3 months ago
    My house came with a wood pellet stove. Maybe I need to see how to use it.
  • tommy b. 5 months ago
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