Live Green and Earn Points


  • Rebecca B. 10 months ago
    I take tarps and a
  • Kelley K. 10 months ago
    We have bike share programs here I. Seattle & you swipe your card & ride to destination & you drop it off at destination & leave it where your destination was. It’s a nice program keeps me healthy in warmer months, keeps me bus free here in Seattle, & its fun when I do randomly drive with someone we play The Who can spot more random bikes first with our trip thru Seattle, we yell BIKE, about every 5-6 seconds and it usually end in my loss but I. An hrs drive we usually see if there is two of us about 40-50 stray bikes so it tells me people are using the program!
  • Chris G. 10 months ago
    If you live in a big city (or Europe) you can get away with car free but you will still need one to travel. Being an armybrat I never stay home so I go on short trips every month or so to visit family and military friends all over the states. Can't take an electric car on a 12 hour drive. It would take a whole day and you would have to pay for a hotel which I can't afford. LOL I do the 12 hour in one day stay with family and friends and head back home in 3-4 days.
  • Patricia G. 10 months ago
    I grew up taking buses, trains, subway, street car to work every day and it only took 40 minutes. My body can't do that anymore. LOL
    • joanna j. 9 months ago
      Public transportation isn't safe, reliable or clean in my city, so that's a hard pass for me...its either walking or my car
    • Patricia G. 9 months ago
      I grew up off base in Germany and it was and still is safe. Just came back from visiting my mother and everybody has to wear a mask inside including buses. They are never crowded as they run every 20 minutes. I never felt unsafe. My 16 year old daughter went down to the cafe every day to use their free internet to talk to her boyfriend and it was very safe. The only thing that happened was a 5 year old tried to talk to her in German and she didn't speak it. LOL I still feel safe in Germany.
  • tommy b. 11 months ago
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