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  • joanna l. 2 years ago
    One of the big problems with e waste is that we are forced to buy the technology of the time, and when its obsolete, it is really hard to recycle and dispose of.
  • joanna l. 2 years ago
    I wonder if Best Buys takes them? Its a lot easier to drop them off when you are at (or near ) a store than to try to mail them back or wait for an e-waste recycling event near you.
    • joanna l. 2 years ago
      I hate mail back programs, especially if I have to pay for the shipping. I think that it is ridiculous.
    • Eric E. 2 years ago
      So, you want them to recycle your waste but don't want it to cost you anything. Another entitled person wanting free stuff. Smh
    • joanna l. 2 years ago
      What I would like is for the companies that make all of the money selling products to be responsible for the products cradle to grave, consumers shouldn't have to pay for items and then pay for their disposal. Why should we spend the money and the energy for shipping (postage and fuel and energy costs to ship it back where it needs to go?)
    • joanna l. 2 years ago
      All packaging, at least should be made with an eye toward recycling...
  • Colleen S. 2 years ago
    There is an actual company who will buy your floppy discs ! Old or new. They still use them for older equipment !! Actually they buy new disk and recyle old one for you !
  • lisa r. 3 years ago
    I recycle everything
  • Hana A. 3 years ago
    Though I hAvent thrown floppy disks away yet (as too reluctant to part, thanks very much for the article. I hadn't known that there were specific places that accepted them along w cd's. Thank you!

    Must bookmark this.
    • Hana A. 3 years ago
      I see that it isn't cheap at all though to recycle your things. It's to bad this soul make many of us hop back on having to pay so much if there are no local more affordable places. But for good cause, I know.
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