Live Green and Earn Points


  • Cindy W. 6 years ago
    Would you believe I still have my old Easter basket that I used when I was a child and then when my daughter was growing up and am waiting for when she has kids. The basket is over 55 years old!
    • Cindy W. 3 months ago
      Just an update, my Easter basket, as well as my sisters Easter basket are being used by 2 of my grandkids. I searched for well made basket for the 3rd grandchild's basket so that it could be used for future generations.
  • joanna l. 6 years ago
    A basket with a broken handle makes a terrific drawer organizer. Its good for sorting cosmetics, office supplies, etc
  • Jackie H. 6 years ago
    We use the same baskets and grass every year. I buy very little candy. Do toys & useful items like headbands & bracelets etc.
  • Kristen B. 6 years ago
    I reuse the same baskets every year. They are wooden and lined with a nice fabric liner. I use paper grass and recycle that. Instead of candy, I put toys and nuts and fruit. My kids love it. We dye real eggs and the Easter bunny hides them. Later, we use the boiled eggs for salads and sandwiches. The egg shells go into the compost bin.
  • Paula T. 6 years ago
    I am teaching my kids to be green by reusing the same basket each year. It's a stuffed bunny rabbit with a handle on it. I have the kids sit the empty basket out (kind of like a stocking) and the Easter bunny fills it up. That way there is no waste or bill pile up of baskets.
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