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  • June S. 2 years ago
    I live not far from the beach, so trees are collected here for rebuilding sand dunes. They do ask that you remove all decorations, lights, and tinsel. That should be a "goes without saying" but sadly, it isn't. Happy to see trees used in this way! Right now I'm thinking the county has plenty of mulch since tons of tree debris from Hurricane Florence was just collected and mulched.
  • erica m. 4 years ago
    Should go without saying but: REMOVE THE LIGHTS BEFORE COMPOSTING TREES. You'd be surprised!
  • Katherine M F. 4 years ago
    I just learned from an arborist that pine branches spread under azalea bushes promote growth in spring. Pine trees seem to have nutrients that are good for the azaleas.
  • sandy w. 4 years ago
    i dont know b/c i dont celebrate christmas and buy trees.
  • Emilie A. 4 years ago
    Our parish picks up. It helps with the wetland sustaining efforts.
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