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  • Barbara W. 9 months ago
    OK, it's Sunday EARLY and we are still here!
    Above it talks about smoking/paper recycling, do people still smoke? Thought that went out of syle years ago.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • VIRGINIA L. 2 years ago
    Some of my bills get shredded along with medical bills and things with numbers of accounts. I save them and when the bag gets full place it in our recycling bin outside our home. Am I wasting my time doing this or should I just tear them and put them in the recycling bin?
  • Heather B. 2 years ago
    The pervasive smells of cigarette smoke (with its 3rd-hand smoke dangers), or chemical-laden dryer sheets or oily air fresheners or pesticides, seem to pervade everything these days. Bring home produce from the grocery or boxes of cereal and smell the containers...they often smell like they absorbed the odors from the store’s chemical aisle. Go for a walk in the evening in your neighborhood and you will often smell the overpowering scent of dryer sheets as dryers exhaust the unhealthy chemical oils to the outdoors. We have been conditioned to be a chemical unhealthy. Our paper for recycling probably contains a fair amount of these chemicals, not to mention the recycled-content products themselves having been exposed to even more chemicals during the recycling process. I never use recycled paper for any personal hygiene or near food, because it usually smells so much like toxic chemicals.
  • RANDY F. 2 years ago
    Wow, the "Shamers" really crept out on this article. This is my time seeing soft-core cyber bullying on this site. 'I Feel' that we ALL use/ consume things that others may disapprove of. Since we ALL are adding carbon to our planet (whether we admit to it OR deny it with retroactive actions, planting trees, paying off some charity) it's great that ALL kinds of consumers are thinking, wishing, looking for alternatives. It's a start.
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