Live Green and Earn Points


  • Clara D. 1 year ago
    Could the city of phoenix start buying envelopes without the plastic sheet in the window? We have to live by example. ;)
  • Jemie C. 2 years ago
    I've noticed a lot of places are sending envelopes with no plastic on the window. The window is still there over the address section, but the plastic is no longer there. I've also noticed a trend for companies that send return envelopes for customer use simple stamp the address on the outside of a regular envelope. Hopefully, more companies that sent mailers and return address envelopes will do this. :)
  • Marilyn N. 2 years ago
    ok i didnt know that the plastic on envelopes are recyclable wow i just learned something new i am big on recycling will post ty
    • Laura L. 1 year ago
      They are not recyclable. It says in the article they end up getting filtered out and end up in a landfill.
  • Judy L. 3 years ago
    Where can I recycle tennis shoes?
  • leslie t. 4 years ago
    can you recycle confetti?
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