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  • Barbara W. 8 months ago
    Since I soak the cans the labels come off easily, then I let them dry overnight!
  • Kerry O. 8 months ago
    Does this also apply to plastic film? I go crazy peeling off and cutting out paper labels from mailer bags and the like before dropping them off to be recycled. And I Always feel so bad when I have too many to properly remove, etc., and end up throwing them away. It's hard enough to find a place that takes plastic film in CA since they banned the plastic grocery bags, stores stopped having the drop off for them!
    • Gina G. 8 months ago
      I agree with your frustration. One big reason I remove the paper labels is to get rid my name and address. Guess it works out best both ways.
    • Kerry O. 8 months ago
      I used to do it for that reason too, but I now have one of those print obliterating rollers - I don't shred or tear off anything anymore - zip zip and all information is completely eliminated. I could just do that for the minuscule part that has my address instead of having to cut out the gigantic label. Plus, with all the junk mail I dump into recycling, my name and address is already out there times ten.
    • Gina G. 8 months ago
      I have seen the roller ink things advertised. My thought was, doesn't a thick black marker do the same? I know the pattern may obscure things a bit more but....
    • Kerry O. 8 months ago
      It's like the difference between crossing something out with straight left to right strokes of a pen and scribbling with circular strokes. Try it - you'll be amazed at how much more is obliterated by the circular strokes. You could do that and then maybe the marker, it's just easier to do one swipe with the roller.
  • Francisco S. 9 months ago
    Talk about the old photos
  • Norma W. 9 months ago
    I make patterns for quilting by coping the pictures. I also use them as book mark's for recipe books
  • Michael C. 9 months ago
    I remove the labels when I recycle the cans, so I can use the backs of the labels for notes, figuring on, using them to write the number of different seeds I collect from the veggies I buy at the grocery store. Then when I am done, the pieces of paper go into a bread bag, to be used in the grill, to start the fire going, instead of lighter fluid. Afterward, I can use the ashes in the garden, specifically where the tomatoes and peppers go.
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