Live Green and Earn Points


  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    Since the pandemic, I have NOT eaten out. Ordered a pizza once but stuck it back in the oven for a while.
  • Gina L. 7 months ago
    I have thought of a new program as of late. I have noticed so much of the litter coming from the usual fast food places. I think a mass online campaign showing pics of the litter with the usual suspects ditched on the streets and sidewalks would be a great view. I know I can display the major fast food and coffee places contributing to the worst litter. These companies need to instill positive environmental thoughts and ideals with their customers.
  • Lois S. 8 months ago
    Earth Machine in my backyard. It's an enclosed container, no critters, no smell.
  • Lucille S. 8 months ago
    At home
  • Dee C. 5 years ago
    I am curious about composting with newspaper, or using in my garden & flower beds. I am in a lot of garden groups on Facebook (to help me learn to care for my yard, plants, flower beds, etc) & do a lot of reading online, in gardening apps & etc. I have read, numerous times, to use newspapers (except the parts with color) in my beds in the spring. They say to line flower beds with wet newspaper before mulching to help maintain weeds & because it breaks down & is supposed to be good for the dirt, plants, etc. After reading this article I'm concerned that the chemicals in the newspaper may not be good for my plants or gardens. Can someone help me out with this. I'm new in here & don't know how to know if someone replies so please be patient with me if I don't reply back quickly. Short term memory thing. Haha! I just looked back at the article & realized the question wasn't regarding newspaper, but I hope someone can still shed some light for me. Thank you!
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