Live Green and Earn Points


  • Kim B. 7 months ago
    Recycling old birthday cards and Christmas cards. We make books and ornaments.
  • THERESA A. 8 months ago
    Using and showing kids how to recycle old magazines by gluing parts of magazines or even old photos into used notebooks such as composition books. YouTube has numerous videos. Only need pair of scissors, pen or paper for notes, glue. They can create their own themes. Old torn pieces of cloth like lace can also be glued.
  • tommy b. 8 months ago
  • JC G. 8 months ago
    Jigsaw puzzles. No batteries required. Here’s some of mine:
  • joanna l. 8 months ago
    How about an old fashioned game of Dress Up? Old clothes (and maybe some costume jewelry and hats) could be used as costumes. The child could pretend to be a princess, a pirate or anything else by just using their imagination.
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