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DIY Snow-Day Games and Crafts

By Recyclebank |

Snowbound? Craft some fun out of items you already have around the house.

Dear Recyclebank,

School has been canceled due to the snow. What are some indoor games or crafts I can do with the kids?

-Emily N., Cranston, RI


Dear Emily,

Fortunately, much fun can be had in spite of the inclement weather, and for virtually no cost. It just takes a little creativity.

  • Indoor hopscotch is an easy, fun way to use up surplus cardboard. Cut up old cardboard boxes or even soda can cartons into squares. Use markers, crayons, or paint to write the numbers. Or be extra eco-friendly and make number cut-outs from scrap paper or magazine pages.
  • Cut paper snowflakes out of scrap paper. Follow instructions for classic-looking snowflakes, or make a contest out of coming up with the most unusual pattern you can create.
  • Make some music by repurposing kitchen items. Turn over pots, pans, and containers to make drums. Pull rubber bands over variously sized Tupperware to make “string” instruments of different. A small container filled with rice or beans will serve as a shaker. Blow into an empty glass bottle to play it like a jug.
  • Not so nimble with scissors? A really easy-to-make game is “I Spy” in a bottle. All you need is an empty water bottle, rice, and a few trinkets (such as small toys or buttons) that will fit through the mouth of the bottle. Fill the bottle with the rice and trinkets, and glue the cap back on. Don’t forget to take a picture of the objects to be spied. Or just let the kids write down as many different objects as they can find.

Do you know any crafty ways to beat boredom indoors? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • James C. 6 years ago
    love playing games together
  • Relma B. 6 years ago
    boardgames like monopoly, scrabble- card games like phase ten- go fish, old maid- dominos- we like them all
  • Judy B. 6 years ago
    Make easy cookies..
  • Jennifer H. 6 years ago
    Wonderful idea to do with my 1 & 3 year old grandchildren. Easy and simple way to play I spy.
  • Deb K. 6 years ago
    My kids always likes it when I would get a small toy and the hide it. The kids would come to try to find the hidden object. When they would get close I would say hot. When the moved away for the hidden object I would say cold. They loved playing this game. Enough that they can play with each other.
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