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  • James C. 6 years ago
    love playing games together
  • Relma B. 6 years ago
    boardgames like monopoly, scrabble- card games like phase ten- go fish, old maid- dominos- we like them all
  • Judy B. 6 years ago
    Make easy cookies..
  • Jennifer H. 6 years ago
    Wonderful idea to do with my 1 & 3 year old grandchildren. Easy and simple way to play I spy.
  • Deb K. 6 years ago
    My kids always likes it when I would get a small toy and the hide it. The kids would come to try to find the hidden object. When they would get close I would say hot. When the moved away for the hidden object I would say cold. They loved playing this game. Enough that they can play with each other.
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