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Decoding the Bottle

By Recyclebank |

What does the “U” symbol on food containers mean?

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Dear Recyclebank,

I am doing a juice cleanse that is organic — as indicated by the “USDA Organic” seal on the back. Next to the seal is a symbol with a “U” in a circle. What does it mean? Is it green?

The Orthodox Union's kosher certification symbol

-Kuyra N., Sterling Heights, MI

Dear Kuyra,

The symbol you’re referring to is the kosher symbol of the Orthodox Union, an organization that certifies products as kosher according to Jewish dietary laws and traditions. The symbol means that your juice has passed through the Orthodox Union’s certification program. While the symbol happens to be adjacent to the USDA Organic seal, it does not denote any specific environmental or health significance. But do note that the juice bottle also has a recycling symbol, so don’t forget to rinse it out and recycle it!

Have you wondered about any other symbols found on food packaging? Describe it in the comments below, and we’ll try to find an explanation!

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