Live Green and Earn Points


  • Bren S. 4 months ago
    Great idea to make big batches!
  • ALEX R. 8 months ago
    I hadn't thought about this, but had wondered about some cardboard packaging that appears to have metallic ink printing on it (cat litter boxes come to mind). My hauler doesn't take wrapping paper with metallic designs or confetti on it, but hasn't said anything about printed cardboard.
  • Lois S. 9 months ago
    Very same issues here
  • C S. 10 months ago
    What is going on with this co? I have asked several questions in customer service and get NO reply. I have had magazines I get 1 or 2 and they quit coming when it's supposed to be a 2 year subscription. The selection is also bad things I would not want like cigars. What has happened it's gone down hill. I get no answers so im posting public.
  • Twyila S. 11 months ago
    Some places like Nursing Homes, Elderly Assist Homes, Waiting Rooms, Will Take Good Condition Reference books
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