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  • tommy b. 1 month ago
  • Monique G. 1 month ago
    Why can't they make 100% paper freezer bags?
  • Toni L. 1 month ago
    can i recycle my mother in law
  • Toni L. 1 month ago
    the trumps do not recycle only money
  • Marc R. 2 months ago
    This article is misleading. Many frozen food boxes are recyclable as regular cardboard because they don't have a thin coating of plastic. If the food inside is in sealed plastic package, like a lot of pizzas, waffles, veggie burgers, the outer box won't have a plastic coating. Many of these boxes even say that the boxes are recyclable as cardboard. Some of the plastic bags inside are recyclable as well at dropoff sites. You need to look on the box to tell. DiGiorno pizza boxes even say on them that they are recyclable but the plastic around the pizza isn't. You need to read the box. It's the ones that have the food directly inside or where the food just has a thin microwavable plastic cover on the tray that will be in poly-coated boxes to prevent freezer burn. Otherwise, freezer boxes are similar to shelf-stable ones.
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