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  • julie r. 3 years ago
    Good news! I will sign up for the Brita recycling program today!
  • Brenda P. 3 years ago
    can a water filter from the refrigerator go into the recycle or does it go into the trash?
  • Cis H. 3 years ago
    I haven't mailed filters back, but I do recycle at Whole Foods. They have a special bin for water filters, wish I had the name of contractor who provides bin. Check your local Whole Foods for recycling.
  • Evelyn M. 3 years ago
    I had no iodea, and I use Brita filters, too. Now I will be sending them back!
  • Andrea S. 3 years ago
    Wow, GREAT info! I had no idea this program even existed. Thanks!
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