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  • Barbara W. 9 months ago
    Does anyone have one of those recipe s for stain removal, that actually works?
  • Peg R. 9 months ago
    The only problem with homemade solutions is that they aren't portable (stick in your purse or desk at work) like a stain removal pen. Use the homemade versions at home to cut back on the number of pens you use.
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
  • Carrie P. 1 year ago
    Glass & mirror cleaner: equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, plus a drop of dish soap. Been using this for years.
  • Karen K. 1 year ago
    Take your clothes home and use Oxyclean. It got dried blood out of colored flannel without ruining the color. If you're that worried, carry an extra shirt of whatever in your car and change. Or use a napkin under your food.
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