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  • Claudia G. 6 days ago
    Can I recycle nail polish bottles? And use cotton bolls whit acetone?
  • Linda L. 9 days ago
    I just started to do this, it also saves time because I don’t have to transfer food to containers when I get home.
  • Betty S. 18 days ago
    We do not use styrofoam. Whenever we go out to eat we take plastic containers and a plastic or cloth bag to bring home any leftovers. Works Great.
  • Danielle W. 20 days ago
    I've been using the Shopkick app and love it - you will too
  • Mark J. 23 days ago
    I worked for an EPS & EPP manufacturer, Sonoco, as a design engineer.

    You -can- recycle #6 plastics in bulk. Unlike other plastics, #6 plastics can be re-used somewhat easily, thanks to how its manufacture works.

    Go to and scroll down. Check out both the EPP & EPS maps.

    Note: most of these places require you to drop them off & have the plastics be free of food impurities; in other words, no coffee mugs or food takeout containers. Many of these drop-off locations are factories which produce EPS & EPP themselves, so you know 100% it'll be recycled; you're dropping off materials at the factory that'll use them!
    • Mark J. 23 days ago
      Edit: I'd consider calling these folks to see if they accept shipped boxes of it. Then you can ship it in bulk & potentially get one set up at your office.

      I mention the manufacturers because you're all but guaranteed it'll be reused this way; with municipalities, they've been known to throw recycling into landfills if it's cheaper than recycling.
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