Live Green and Earn Points


  • James O. 5 months ago
    I'm not advocating the use of non-recyclables, but I like to think that one day (in the not too distant future, perhaps?) a system will be developed to convert landfill waste to clean energy. Landfills could become the new "coal mines".
  • Julie M. 5 months ago
    Pacing peanuts make great bean bag chair refills.
  • Claudia G. 5 months ago
    Can I recycle nail polish bottles? And use cotton bolls whit acetone?
  • Linda L. 6 months ago
    I just started to do this, it also saves time because I don’t have to transfer food to containers when I get home.
  • Betty S. 6 months ago
    We do not use styrofoam. Whenever we go out to eat we take plastic containers and a plastic or cloth bag to bring home any leftovers. Works Great.
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